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New Discovery Promises To End Unstable Blood Sugar Levels Without Changing Your Diet

By: Eric Bradley | Freelance Health Reporter | Published

This historic breakthrough took the medical world by surprise, and set the stage for today’s release of what could be the simplest, easiest blood sugar solution ever created.

A study conducted by the renowned Cleveland Clinic reports that 3 widely-used blood sugar drugs are “associated with a more than 50 percent greater risk of death”, while one drug (Avandia) caused a shocking 47,000 deaths during the first 11 years of its use. Thankfully, this new medical discovery could change things forever...

If you suffer from nagging problems with your blood sugar, and take any prescription drugs right now, or even consider taking them, you might be putting your health and your life in great danger.

Leading doctors are finally paying attention to the devastating side effects of popular blood sugar drugs such as Avandia, Glynase, Victoza, and more. As well as expensive insulin injections that are used by millions every day.

After years of poor results, thousands of deaths, and exorbitant prices, these once labeled “safe” drugs are now being questioned for their safety and effectiveness.

We’re talking regular stomach upset, swelling in the legs and feet, weight gain, kidney problems, liver disease, congestive heart failure, and in some cases even death.

If Conventional Drugs Work So Well, Why Are You Still Struggling With Your Blood Sugar?

Here’s why: Taking toxic pills and getting injections does little to improve insulin resistance, which is the real cause of your blood sugar problems.

They simply “mask it” by tricking your body into temporarily relieving symptoms. While these deadly toxins are clogging your heart, crushing your kidneys, and wreaking havoc on your body.

The astonishing discovery came from Roy Taylor, Professor of Medicine at highly respected New Castle University in England and was subsequently confirmed in a powerful medical database used by 1.1 million doctors in 180 countries.

In a famous study with 59-year old diabetic Richard Doughty, the English doctor discovered that reducing Richard’s insulin resistance – rather than increasing his insulin levels (which most drugs do) – restored healthy, normal blood sugar in a matter of weeks.

Understanding this crucial difference is the secret to ridding yourself of blood sugar worries, because too much insulin – NOT high blood sugar – is the true cause of your problems.

You see, too much insulin in your bloodstream makes your cells resistant to insulin’s effects (called insulin-resistance) which causes high blood sugar in the first place.

Increasing your body’s insulin levels actually makes insulin-resistance and high blood sugar WORSE. Which leaves the doors wide open to a whole slew of health problems.

  • Heart attack and artery disease (which 75% of diabetics die from)
  • High blood pressure (70% of diabetics have it)
  • Low energy
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Poor brain function, and an all-out attack on your immune system

If you don’t take action to target insulin resistance right now, you could be stuck in this never ending vicious cycle of chronic blood sugar worries, 24/7 health concerns, and a devastating quality of life. However there is good news.

You Can Maintain Healthy Insulin Resistance Without Destroying Your Health

Scientists have cracked the code to targeting insulin resistance so you can safely and naturally enjoy normal blood sugar levels.

If you’re worried about your blood sugar right now and are struggling with all the “traditional” solutions, like monitoring your numbers 24/7, taking a handful of drugs every morning, following strict meal plans and obsessing about your weight, slaving away at the gym - or even just finding the energy to do simple things like lifting a bag, walking up or down the stairs, or just plain moving around -- it’s not too late.

Regardless of your age, you can start to enjoy natural relief, even if nothing else worked for you before. You don’t have to “just deal with” the daily discomfort. You can start to free yourself from the misery that comes with unstable blood sugar - and you can do it with a natural, drug-free solution that won’t end up sending you to the Emergency Room, or worse.

You can finally target insulin resistance to naturally maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and return to a normal life again, with a little-known...

Miracle “Sugar Destroyer” For Fast Relief

Scientifically proven in clinical studies both in US and abroad, this blood-sugar normalizing plant helps shut down the insulin “resistance” in your cells, naturally reduces the desire for sugary foods (hence it’s ancient name “sugar destroyer”), and relieves blood sugar concerns, without any side effects.

Next in line is another powerful ingredient that has now been…

The Blood Sugar Relief Of Choice For The Last 60 Years In Europe And Asia

For years the Indian subcontinent have been considered some of the healthiest people on earth. Leading active, disease-free, and healthy lives well into their 80s and 90s. Scientists in the US have finally discovered their secret.

It’s an incredible “blood sugar and anti-aging miracle” discovered deep in the Himalayas and studied since the 1950s across India, China and as far as Europe, and is now available in a powerful health-rejuvenating combination with 12 other insulin-sensitizing, blood sugar-regulating, and restorative natural ingredients – MyVada Sugar Control.

This scientifically formulated dietary supplement, packs a synergistic blend of the world’s most powerful and natural insulin-balancing, as well as blood sugar and health soothing ingredients.

Whether your blood sugar concerns are the result of drugs that don’t work, the high cost of mainstream solutions, high carb or sugar intake, lifestyle habits, or all of the above...

MyVada Sugar Control can help naturally and safely promote healthy insulin balance, help stabilize blood sugar, and improve your overall health.

Best of all, each capsule is loaded with 13 health boosting plant extracts and herbs – free of drugs, toxins or chemicals - and helps quickly support insulin uptake into your cells. As well as speed up blood sugar relief, support healthy blood pressure, boost energy and endurance, and help sweep away brain “fog.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Each of these 13 super ingredients has been carefully chosen for their unique ability to naturally impact the 70 TRILLION cells that are affected when you have high blood sugar – which means a lower risk of nerve damage and pain, healthier kidneys, a stronger liver, clear eyes and strong vision, and so much more.

4,000 Year Old Blood Sugar Secret Meets Modern Science

Many of these potent ingredients come from medicinal plants. One has been used by ancient Babylonians and Egyptians as early as 4,000 BC – even being discovered in the Tomb of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen.

While a recent study published by Biochemistry and Biophysical Research Communications found another ingredient in this formula, extracted from a popular East Asian spice, is 400 times more powerful than a common drug in improving insulin sensitivity and supporting healthy blood sugar.

Will MyVada Sugar Control Work For You?

There are plenty of blood sugar supplements on the market today, most of which do very little to improve insulin resistance and balance your blood sugar without completely changing your diet.

It makes you wonder if the supplements are doing anything at all, or if the same results would happen by simply making such drastic dietary changes alone.

From our research, MyVada Sugar Control is entirely different, however.

Our research shows MyVada works without any dietary changes - and MyVada is willing to prove that to you by offering a 90-Day money back guarantee.

If you try MyVada Sugar Control and aren’t thrilled with your results in your 1st 90 days - they’ll refund 100% of your money.

We recommend you give MyVada Sugar Control a try.

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MyVada is manufactured and packaged in an FDA-registered and GMP certified facility. Representations regarding the efficacy and safety of MyVada have not been evaluated or endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration. The FDA only evaluates foods and drugs, not supplements like these products. These products are not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure any disease. Individual results may vary, which is why we offer a money back guarantee.

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